Monday, 25 June 2012

Kiev – The Co-host of 2012 European Soccer Championship or Where is my heart ?

Kiev – The Co-host of 2012 European Soccer Championship or Where is my heart ?
Ukraine has been dominated for seven decades of Soviet Union. Nevertheless  Kiev is now fast growing city in its cultural and tourist life, as also there are lots of improvements in the city, made on a daily basis.

I’m very subjective, when talking about Kiev. It is my second (or in my heart may be even first ) home.
As a half Ukrainian, I traveled really often back in the days and I’ve spent the summer time in Kiev. My best memories are for joyful, carefree vacations with lots of games and my grandparents made this all possible, God bless them!

Now Kiev is a Co-host of the European Soccer Championship and regarding the info from my friends, the situation in the city is under control and there is no traffic or other problems in the downtown.
Kiev is literally the most amazing city I’ve ever been and I think I have a clue where this comes from (my childhood). For its size Kiev is a pretty clean city, full of history and landmark (the churches are awesome), art life, creative people, amazing parks and very delicious cuisine!

Of course as every ex-soviet country, it has its problems. But I hope they are progressing in the right direction.

Here are some photos we made in 2011:

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, this is the proof of how beautiful Kiev is.

St. Andrew's Church


Me & Paul

This is the HYATT Hotel in Kiev. As you can see this city has some really modern buildings.

One of the most delicious ice-creams. If you are about to visit Kiev, don't miss this out! This is a soft ice cream, half chocolate, half lemon with chocolate & nuts crust! yuumm . You can find it on Khreschatik str. near the metro station.

The municipality of Kiev runs every year this beautiful Flowers sculptures exhibition, which if you're lucky you can see in the Pechersk Park.

Finally, this is how happy we feel in Kiev. This shot of Paul i made spontaneously :)

Don't miss out this restaurant, when in Ukraine Puzata Hata  for tasty traditional cuisine!

Let me know which is your favorite city or country and why? 


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Heaven in Bronze. Cool clothing for the hot summer.

A lot of people love summer. So do I, but the most frustrating thing about it, is that if you live in a country with very hot summer climate like me, you’ll definitely connect summer with sweat haha. We can call it the double S – “SS”. And clothes have a lot to do with it.

I adore the sun (of course when it’s not burning like you’re a sausage in a pan haha), the sea, the green grass, the flowers, the vacations! How exciting it would be, if we could choose the wheather we like, when we have our day off?!
My perfect day would probably look like this: a sunny day with big fluffy clouds, caress wind, somewhere in the greenest forest with a lake, dogs and cats around me and lots of natural ice cream and ripe fruits, haha. What would your perfect day look like?

As every summer bronze color is in trend, I’ve decided to share with you some really lovely clothing and accessories. What is summer without a dress?! Do you love girly, girly stuff or do you prefer the edgy look? 

Bronze Dress from
 I find this dress super gorgeous! Yep. If you're curious you can go and check it on your own. It's made with removable accessory, which you can alter to your taste, it's unique and it's bronze!


Well, in real life this looks like a magic. It gradates from golden bronze into silver. Really impressive!

 You can find all this items at 
Let me know what you think. Which is your favorite color for the summer? :)


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Summer fashion trends & lovely gradient effects!

I was always into gradient fabric. And it's in this summer fashion trends. I can’t really explain why, but it kinda represents a part of me. Probably because sometimes I’m a real tinder-box, but I always calm down very quickly.
So I made a selection of some gorgeous picks, you can style to your taste.
Here we have random items. While searching, I stuck onto some amazing artists on Etsy. I love etsy! You’ll hear this a lot haha :)
I run my mom’s shop there and I was always fascinated by the number of talents in one place.
When writing this post i tried to find more information on the history of the gradient fabrics, where it all began etc., but unfortunately I didn’t found anything.
Thinking about cooling and refreshing stuff (in Sofia it’s too hot already), I dream about the sea, the wind and Londons weather..haha. Blue is a great color to match your dreams for colder times haha !

      Ok, here are some gradients fashion trends (incorporated not only in fashion industry):

fashion trends
Oceanic blues by BriannaBoutique on etsy

fashion trends
Pastel gradients by LacquerLove on etsy

fashion trends
Swimsuit by Gottex


I can't bypass this piece of art, it's made of bottles and is currently in Rio de Janeiro. Don't you love it?

This is the amazing NHow Hotel in Berlin. I find it really scary, but it's awesome :) Would you rent a room? :)

I've seen some really cool gradients items on ASOS, which unfortunatelly i can't show you, because of the blogger rules. I'm sure you can find them easily. :)
Let me know what you think, which are your favourite fashion trends? Do you have any cooling and refreshing summer products you love?